Fall 2019 

CIS-255: Client Side Web Application Development

Design, code and deploy responsive "front end" programs

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Contact Info

InstructorGeorge Corser, PhD
Email/PhoneCourse-related communication: use Canvas Inbox (not email).
Non-course-related communication: use email (gpcorser@svsu.edu) or voicemail (989.964.2756)
Office HoursWednesdays, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (noon), or by appointment.
No office hours between noon-12:30pm. I need my lunchtime!
Use Canvas mail to set an appointment.
Class HoursSection 01 - IN-PERSON - Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30 PM - 2:20 PM, room SE-135
Section 70 - HYBRID (PARTLY ONLINE) - Tuesdays, 08:30 AM - 10:30 AM, room SE-135
For class dates and recesses, see academic calendar.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q. How to fix "Forbidden" message? When I try to access my website at http://csis.svsu.edu/~username/, it says,
    Forbidden. You don't have permission to access /~username/ on this server.
    A. Change Linux permissions. Log in to CSIS server using Putty, and type:
    chmod 755 /home/username
    chmod 755 /home/username/public_html
  2. Q. How to access vdrive (mdrive) using Notepad++? What are the NppFtp profile settings?
    A. Hostname: vdrive.svsu.edu. Connection type: SFTP.
  3. Q. When I access a website on one computer, it does not appear the same as on another computer. Why? How can I fix this?
    A. Possibly because your computer has a different cached version. Clear your cache. In Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-Del.


The deliberately incomplete code, below, can be used to help you get started on your assignments.

Student Portfolios

Please feel free to explore the pages of your fellow students.


All lecture videos available through YouTube Playlist.

  1. Intro - Graded Work
  2. Internet/Web - Domains/Hosting
  3. HTML
  4. HTML forms - HTML 5 - HTML Quiz Prep
  1. CSS
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Bootstrap
  1. JavaScript, Part 1: Data Types, Arrays, Functions
  2. JavaScript, Part 2: Objects
  3. As04 Instructions
  4. JavaScript
  1. Diagramming
  2. JavaScript - More Objects
  3. Golf Club App
  4. TBA
  1. Coding Test Day - Download Practice Test:
  2. Git, GitHub Pages, Git/GitHub with VS-Code  
  3. JavaScript - AJAX
  4. JavaScript - JSON
  1. jQuery
  2. jQuery
  3. Angular
  4. Angular
  1. Special Topics
  2. Special Topics
  3. Special Topics
  4. Special Topics
  1. Special Topics
  2. Special Topics
  3. Final exam week: Oral presentations
  4. Final exam week: Oral presentations

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